About Me

Image covered by local and International © Shaun Harris
A photo taken by my daughter in May 2016.

I started photography in early 1980.

All I wanted to do is record Life at it’s in its many forms and experiences and happenings.

Photography is all I see, Life is a series of events waiting to be recorded.

My image blog is about me and my desire to capture that one picture all photographers envisage, at the same time raising oneself continually to keep learning.

I can tell you how I enjoy taking images, this could be a long monologue; I hope that this will be shown in the very many images shown here as my work should speak for itself without my words.                        I do enjoy taking images of people in all their daily life situations, the interaction between one the photographer and the subject is a personal moment as we both try and connect in many ways to achieve my aim of capturing the best of them.            

What cameras I use and equipment?  I love to use, sine my first camera the Canon A1 … I have always use canon equipment it is a tool that Im very used to and has always given me the best quality images, using film and digital. 

My aim is to be recognized as a good quality photographer and videographer.

I wished that one day my images would be recognized around the world, in the British Army my work and reputation as a photographer was admired. When I joined the Mail on Sunday, the top-selling Sunday newspaper in UK, my work was recognized.

When I took that best image of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the image that was used by the Mandela Family and Government of South Africa honor the first President of a democratic South Africa, during his memorial and funeral around the world from 6th December 2013.

To know how I work and what I can do best it’s good to know who I am really, a determined person seeking the best in Life; so below is an abridged story of my Life.

Shaun Earl Harris was born on the 8th March 1963 the second of a twin, my other half, is my Sister Sharon Elaine Harris; We were born in the UK from Jamaican parents, who arrived from Jamaica on one of the many boats / flights from the West Indies Islands to the UK, in the 1960’s.

I state that I am not British but Jamaican.

We were raised in a private foster home with 14 other Afrikan children of colour; whom all came from Afrikan families from the Caribbean and the African Continent. The house we all lived in was in the center of the village of Codford, between the city’s of Salisbury and Warminster in Wiltshire, a good walking distance to Stonehenge and the Salisbury plain.

I went to school in the military town of Warminster and left with a good solid education.                                                                                                                                                       I wanted to join the British Army as a medic.
At my last interview, I was interviewed by a paratrooper who’s parachute was still in the corner of the room after his jump. When the officer said I would not make it, adding, “Well”, once again the officer said, “You just wouldn’t make it”, as he pulled down a book this time to explain in detail what type of training the Para’s did. Within months I had joined the elite Parachute Regiment where I served 15 years, which gave me opportunities to train with the elite Special Air Service and other elite men and women. I also traveled the world and learnt my passion of photography.

I stress that I was never much of a soldier who wanted to kill my fellow man, luckily I never was sent into a real battlefield conflict.

In 1980 I picked up my first camera and started to take images of Life.

From 1980 – 1993, I took photos of Army life and the many places I traveled to.

I was the chief photographer in 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment at stages, also while in the services I was the senior photographer in the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, Egypt.  In my final year, I was assigned, the position of the assistant photographer based in London UK.

In 1993, I took retirement from the services and joined the Mail on Sunday as a freelance photographer in London England.
Some of the images will be seen on these pages.

In January I994, I traveled to South Africa as a freelance journalist to cover the country’s first democratic election. Here you will be able to see many of the images.

In 1995, I emigrated from England to South Afrika.

I setup Afrika Moves photographic in 1997, to help as many young determined photographers gain skills and experience in photography, together with Tom Khosa from Tom’s lab in Johannesburg and Bongani Mnguni of Black Image, youths were trained. Most finding employment within the main stream media.

My passion is my photography and after traveling to over 130 countries, my payoff line to young photographers is, “Have camera and travel” you make your life the way you wish, my other pay-off line to my clients is,
“I’m the best photographer you know”. To-date most say my photographic images capture life as it is… a certain something that is natural and special.

I have been in the process of setting up a full one stop photographic agency where one can call on good competent Afrikan Photographers, media makers, and creatives. It has been my aim for many years to structure and enable Afrikan’s to emancipate themselves through the media.

My motto of Life is …
What ever you hope for you can achieve…

Really, if you put your mind to any situation, the answer is there, if you want to be the best …. Do your best! Then you will become the best.

How does that saying go …?  “Who dares wins”

What drives me?

All my life, living it to the full, in True Faith in the Lord… we as humans who have always fought over this or that, all trying to be better than the other materially, acting who is better, smarter, bigger and stronger.
Life is not about that, coexistence is better.

Have, Faith in Self and that which you know as your, Lord, or guiding Spirit, which ever way, you may see Her / Him. As a Rastafarian believer, God is everything. What you call Him / Her is up to you, no need to fight … So it’s about time, really that we become wiser persons and see an end to the false battles they make us fight.

Beauty! … Beauty is in everything…                                                                                                                                                                                                           Really look at everything and you can see beauty. Beauty makes you smile and feel happy, brings that warm glow feeling inside one, because beauty is The Lord, God manifesting in this dimension.
We should appreciate the Love of Beauty in our everyday life more, this would ease the stresses some feel, many over look Beauty, it’s there in everything.

Thank the Lord for the Beauty that you can see and experience in every moment.

I try to connect with God and all those that the Lord has sent my way.

Life is great… We are the directors of our own film of Life, we, produce the movie and act in all the scenes. So be the star you envisage.

Love is God, which is within all of us.

Thank you
Shaun Earl Harris